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Josh is a hacker who specializes in translating technology insights into actionable strategies. He speaks, writes, and consults for businesses from that startup down the street to the biggest multinationals on the planet, focusing on using new and emerging technologies to create exponential improvements using the recently possible.





From the first e-commerce engine to the backwards revolution of the US telco system, Josh has been on the front lines of several world changing technologies. This means that transformation efforts can not only avoid the mistakes of the past, but optimize for multiplier effects by drawing on numerous growth patterns at once. From wearable computing to AI expert systems, Josh has harnessed rapidly evolving technologies across numerous industries.


Focused on technology innovation strategy, from fundamental digitization to iterative R&D and deployment. By bridging the gap between cutting-edge technology and critical business strategy, Josh helps you deliver market-leading advantage without incurring undue tech debt. Additionally, a network of deep technology contacts across silos means validating assumptions no longer has to bottleneck strategy.


Leaders in today’s business environment need more than best practices and leading technology to thrive. Sometimes the key difference between success and failure is access to expert insight where and when it is needed. Josh has specialized in no nonsense insight on technology and business strategy delivered in clear, human language.


Josh has advised Fortune 100 companies and early-stage startups alike, with a focus on market-leading iterative technology development and design. A deep understanding of critical business imperatives and an ability to explain technical limitations and capacity quickly and clearly allows Josh to support fast decision making at all levels of growth.


IndigoMetrics solves the problem of Culture by enabling employees to peer-to-peer rank through the framework of a company’s core values. This gives employees support and clarity around how their immediate coworkers evaluate their participation, and creates an updraft feedback loop in creating engagement and alignment on same.

In the face of COVID-19, IndigoMetrics is proving to be a lifeline to newly autonomous employees in understanding where and how to focus their efforts.

Continuous Glucose Monitors are the first of a growing class of physically embedded sensors that could drastically change human behavior and control of glucose levels.

This project is designed to determine how, thus improving health outcomes in obesity, heart disease, and diabetes… all of which are leading indicators of death by Covid-19.

Check out an overview deck here, and contact me if you’re interested in partnering!

Building on the research of my last book, Reputation Economics, this is an iterative exploration of how established individual professionals’ networks can be structured in a largely virtual environment..

Using the concept of “circles” I designed expanding levels of outreach and contact focused on the idea that helping your network while minimizing attentional cost could produce better outcomes for everyone and strengthen your network over time.

There’s a whitepaper here

Good projects never die – but many of them have to rest for a while until  conditions improve!

I’ve been building and experimenting since I crawled out of the womb, so the raw material of past learning is vast. I’ve tried to pull together a collection of past projects  that illustrate some of the core principles of the work that I do. And yes, the crowbox is included. 🙂


Josh has presented everywhere from the TED Mainstage to the WEF’s Davos conference, speaking to audiences randing from a table of board members  to crowds of hundreds.


In every case Josh’s content speaks to the heart of technology innovation – where we can get unprecedented leverage in using the magic of our age to create a new and better world.



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A science fiction novel or a cyberpunk exploration of one geek’s search for meaning.

Hacking Work

Hacking is a powerful solution to every stupid procedure, tool, rule, and process we are forced to endure at the office. Benevolent hackers are saving business from itself.

Reputation Economics

Your Network Is Worth More Than Your Net Worth: Welcome to social commerce.

The Link

Charting how the most world-changing innovations in human history created our present - and our future.

Smart China

A deep dive into the most impactful innovations to come out of China in recent times, and their implications for the globe in the near future.

Game Vision

A wide exploration of the ways in which the new technology of gaming is shaping the world.