Digital Vagabonds radio interview

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I’d completely forgotten about this interview until someone contacted me about it recently and I was reminded about how cool it was. Basically the German National Radio (I think) did a piece on people who were living nomadically and using the internet and its related technologies to make doing so easy. It’s a big part of how my wife and I have set up our own lives just to reduce cognitive overhead, and also a big part of our ongoing minimalization efforts. You can listen in here.

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Fired Up with CJ (radio)

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I was lucky enough to get to speak on WBLQ radio, heard up and down the eastern US seaboard. What made it a real treat was talking with CJ, the host, who is as excited about changing the world as I am. Our 15 minute pre-call before the show lasted more than an hour, and the bit that we eventually got on the radio was only a snippet, but it was fun to revisit the topic of crows again – especially with someone who was as curious about them as I am.

Listen to it here.

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Here’s how I’ve been billed at conferences like:


And here are some nice things people have said after my talks:

“Normally I’m not captured by many keynotes but your presentation was awesome… and very scary. My attendees LOVED it! You were the talk of the conference. Thank you!”

    - Steven Stout, Organizer, HITEC Conference


“Josh Klein takes you on a journey that helps you escape the confines of traditional thinking and explore new ways of doing things that help you achieve results quicker and smarter.”

    - Marilyn Williams, Partnership Development Manager, Best Buy


“Josh Klein is a natural born storyteller with a real knack for capturing–and keeping–an audience engaged. Authentic and irreverent, it’s always a pleasure to see Josh on stage.”

    - Melissa Withers, Executive Director, Business Innovation Factory Conference


“Josh is not only a hacker of work; he’s a hacker of speaking. He ignores conventions that suck energy out of a room, and turn listeners to zombies. He opens eyes. He boggles minds. He doesn’t just tippy toe up to the edge, he hits it going 100 miles an hour. Hire this deviant to speak to your group. I dare you.”

    - Jim Ericson, founder, The Masters Forum Conference


“Josh Klein will be one of the most exciting cultural players to watch in the coming decade; his personal fluidity between disciplines and movement of ideas across worlds both real and virtual, technological and creative, allows him to be a guide for those of us who are interested in being the architects of our own identity.”

    - Aimee Mullins, Speaker, Athlete, Actress


“I hack everything now. When I have an assignment, I think to myself ‘how can I hack this?’. … It [the concept of hacking] has changed my life. Now when I do anything I ask myself – how can I hack this?”

    - Manleen Kaur


“My brain is still splattered against the wall from this morning.”

    - Nikole Yinger, Producer, Bloomberg TV