I’m a hacker, so not surprisingly I speak a lot about hacking. I’ve addressed audiences from TED to Davos to folks at the CIA and NSA, and the one thing that all my talks have in common is how to leverage innovation. From training crows to destroying the global financial system, new technologies and thinking like a hacker produces results.

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Think hacking is only about computers? In this TED talk, I explain my project training crows to bring me money; an example of using systems thinking to create an innovative solution to an underexamined problem.



Worried about how you’re going to be competitive and innovate in this rapidly evolving world? My latest book, Reputation Economics, details how new technologies are destroying the global financial system – and what you should do about it.



One of the most effective ways to hack culture is to shift an entire group’s mindset all at once. Check out this short demo reel of my speaking, and then contact me to see about speaking at your event.

or just download my press kit to pass around.

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